Half-Life : INVASION

Half-Life : INVASION 1.1

After Half-Life, enter Invasion, its single-player mod

Half-Life: Invasion is a single-player modification for Half-Life. This mod was created by a French development team focused on bringing more of Gordon Freeman's adventures. The mod starts right where Half-Life ended, with G-Man giving you a decision of working with him or of dying. Right before you can make your choice, a group of scientists open a portal for your escape. As you take it you find yourself in another facility 15km away from Black Mesa, the fellow scientists are going to show you how they rescued you, but at that time, soldiers invade the facility. You must now get outside and escape the soldiers.

This story is fairly simple, but it gets more deep and interesting as you progress. The mod has about 5 levels, which is a good amount of content. But it also adds 12 new weapons, and some of them are awesome, like the nuke launcher. There are new enemies and monsters, as well as a drivable tank. This whole package makes the mod very entertaining. Without a doubt, Invasion is one of the best single-player mods for Half-Life.

Ismael Mireles
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  • A solid story and awesome weapons


  • Some dialogues are in French
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